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With a background deeply rooted in agricultural traditions, Janelle Havenga brings a wealth of knowledge and a contagious true passion for selling rural and lifestyle properties.

Growing up on a dairy farm, Janelle learned the ins and outs of rural life from an early age. From tending to livestock to navigating the challenges of agricultural seasons, she gained invaluable insights that continue to shape her approach to real estate.

Today, Janelle runs her own blueberry orchard, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to rural livelihoods. Her firsthand experience as a rural business owner equips her with a unique perspective that resonates with both buyers and sellers in the local market.

Why list Rural with Janelle and Ray White Pukehina:

Expertise: Janelle’s deep understanding of rural life extends beyond mere knowledge; it’s ingrained in her identity. Clients can trust her to provide informed guidance and strategic advice tailored to the specific nuances of rural properties.

Local Knowledge: Born and bred in Te Puke, Janelle possesses intimate knowledge of the area’s real estate landscape. She understands the market trends, property values, and community dynamics, allowing her to offer invaluable insights to her clients.

Networking: With her deep roots in the local community, Janelle has cultivated an extensive network of contacts spanning farmers, landowners, and industry professionals. This network enables her to connect sellers with qualified buyers efficiently, maximising exposure for rural properties.

Holistic Approach: Janelle understands that selling a rural property entails more than just listing it on the market. She takes a holistic approach, considering factors such as land use, agricultural potential, and lifestyle amenities to present properties in the best possible light.

Listing your rural property with Janelle isn’t just a business transaction—it’s a partnership grounded in shared values, expertise, and a genuine love for the rural way of life.

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