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Brodie Flower

Administration and Marketing

Brodie is an exciting new addition to the dynamic team at Ray White Pukehina. With a diverse background spanning customer service, healthcare, and now real estate, she brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping others.

Originally hailing from the town of Whanganui, Brodie grew up on her family's farm. But she traded in her gumboots for sandy feet when she made the move to Mount Maunganui for coastal living.

Before diving into the world of real estate, Brodie enjoyed a fulfilling career in dental hygiene. This role equipped her with invaluable skills in client communication and understanding, as well as a knack for building trust and rapport with others. These qualities have seamlessly transitioned into her work in real estate, where she thrives in her team environment and cherishes the daily connections she shares with her colleagues.

Brodie's passion for helping others achieve their dreams is evident in everything she does. Her recent experience of purchasing her own home ignited a desire to guide others through the journey of buying and selling their first homes. She's dedicated herself to obtaining her real estate certificate so she can better serve her clients and make their dreams a reality.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Brodie has a vibrant social life and loves to travel. Whether she's exploring new destinations or enjoying a leisurely drink with friends, she approaches life with enthusiasm and a genuine zest for connection.

Her ability to seamlessly blend her skills, passion, and love for people make her a valuable asset to the Ray White Pukehina team. With Brodie by your side, you can trust that your real estate journey will be guided with care, expertise, and a genuine commitment to your success.