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About Pukehina

Welcome to Paradise

Pukehina Beach is one of New Zealand’s few unspoiled beaches! It is known for its fantastic community, family-friendly atmosphere and laid back relaxed lifestyle for residents and holidaymakers alike.
Pukehina offers crystal clear rolling surf beach and glittering sands on one side with the estuary harbour and boat ramp on the other side.
There are several parks and reserves with playground equipment and also campground located at the south-eastern end of the beach. Popular recreational activities include surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and boating.
Pukehina Beach is a small, friendly, 41 hectare, north-east facing beach area on the East Coast of the Bay of Plenty, surrounded by rural communities and one of 40 residential suburbs which form the wider region.
Pukehina is the 9th largest suburb of Bay Of Plenty in terms of the total number of residential housing with the earliest residential housing recorded in the area constructed between 1910 – 1919.
The majority of the residential housing in the area was constructed between 1980 – 1989. Today residential housing in Pukehina is made up of approximately 76% residential housing, 2% residential investment housing and 22% lifestyle properties.

The meaning behind “Pukehina”: Puke = hill. Hina = small tree ‘melicytus ramiiflours’ – Mahoe or Whitewood.